• From Monday 16th April Hereford Student Council pass holders will only be allowed free travel on School days only.

Code of practice for passenger safety & comfort

Please take a seat if available and do not move around.

Lost property: DRMbus will not accept liability for personal belongings left on the bus. Enquiries first to the driver then to the office on 01885 483219

Thank you for travelling with DRM. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable journey we ask passengers to follow our code of practice whilst travelling with us.

In particular please:Do not • smoke • consume food, drink or chewing gum• disturb other passengers by using phones, radios or personal stereos • attempt to travel if wearing exceptionally dirty or soiled clothing • leave litter on the bus • bring dogs (other than guide dogs) onto the bus

In order to help us give you a safe and pleasant journey, please:Do • tender the correct fare wherever possible •Produce passes and return tickets for the driver’s inspection • note that return tickets are valid on the day of issue only and must be given up on return journey (all passengers not in receipt of a valid pass must pay the appropriate fare, no single tickets issued)• inform the driver immediately if an emergency occurs• indicate in good time when you wish to board or alight(a lit mobile phone at night will indicate that you wish to board the bus) wheelchairs must have priority •Produce when asked proof of age for reduced fare travel •Follow the driver’s guidance concerning push chairs and trolleys •No bicycles, skateboards or any large, bulky parcels •No parcels may be placed in the gangway • Passengers are responsible for their own property • All other items are carried at the driver’s discretion

DRM buses are clean and comfortable. We intend to keep them this way so will refuse travel to anyone behaving in an antisocial manner, in appropriate cases we will prosecute offenders.Please note that a penalty fare of £50 per journey applies to passengers who are travelling and cannot produce a valid ticket or pass for the journey. For your protection and security and security cctv cameras are in operation. This service is operated with the approval of Herefordshire county council.

Please be courteous and respectful to your driver, or don’t come. We show you respect.

Comments/complaints to:DRM, The Bus Garage, Bromyard HR7 4NTor the public transport manager, PO box 236, Hereford HR4 0WZ